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Purushartha Saini

Founder & CEO

After his BTech at IIT Mumbai, Purushartha pursued his entrepreneurial passion with his 2009 IT security offering Aristos Audits, now rebranded SitSecure.

Two failed startups followed in 2010 - Patchwand and IndiaSongbook.

In 2012 he co-founded Pracman AG, a successful Swiss IT venture.

Having consulted numerous startups pro bono since 2007, he formalized the startup accelerator Aristos Labs in 2015, as you see it here.

Purushartha also runs the international organization of his beloved Guru, Maharishikaa Maiyaa.

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Aleksandra Nesic

Partner & COO

A graduate in Business Administration and Communication, Aleksandra brought her business expertise to the profession of midwifery and Health Management.

In 2010 she co founded the now successful fashion venture Newcomers Zurich, infusing it with her startup philosophy of ‘endure and be grateful’.

Her experience as a mother of three brings disruptive insights into team management and operations, giving the startups linked with Aristos Labs access to unique business processes critical for the acceleration of growth stage startups.

Aleksandra also heads HR for PRACMAN AG, the Swiss startup accelerated by Aristos Labs.

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Dnyaneshwar Nartawadekar

Entrepreneur in Residence

After graduating from M.V. J. College of Engineering, Bangalore in 2008, Dnyaneshwar began his long standing association with Purushartha.

In 2010 he cut his teeth on the two failed startups Patchwand and IndiaSongbook.

A natural at IT security, EC council certified Dnyaneshwar made the step to entrepreneurship, when he was invited by Purushartha to co-found the Aristos Labs accelerated startup SITSecure as CISO, in 2012.

A passionate agriculturist, Dnyaneshwar also farms rice paddy and sugarcane in his tiny village in the interiors of Maharashtra.

Amazingly Simple Approach

We see that you the entrepreneur are dreaming pipe dreams, unless you have your MVP in place. So that’s where we push you. We simplify the validating process, and super-speed up things, propelling you to your MVP in the shortest time possible.

Ideation to Revenues/Fundability

In our mentoring, we focus on honing your idea, and laying out the processes that will take your startup from a mere dream in your head, to either a fundable venture, or a revenue generating business - without your having to spend a fortune.

Co-Founder problem - Solved

In the rare case that one of our core collaborators finds your insanity exciting on a personal level - and has the skill sets to complement your skill set - they may offer to sit with you as full time co-founders. This would knit you into our network even more tightly, as our core collaborators have direct access to all our resources including our panel of mentors, advisors and enablers.

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  • Aristos Labs helped me, not only to crystallize my idea, but to define SITSecure’s USP. It was a clearly actionable step-wise journey from idea to concept to starting-up to execution to MVP to market presence. SitSecure was ready in record time. Having met Purushartha, and being accelerated at Aristos Labs, are two of the most profound experiences of my life.

  • We at Motion receive a great deal of clarity through our ongoing consultations with Aristos Labs. We know some things, but it is extremely helpful to have things put into perspective, into order, and receive clear direction on how to take the business forward.

  • I was in the process of partnering with a friend of mine to start DJ Pundits and was uncertain of the negotiations we had had. Aristos Labs showed me how to proceed by demonstrating to me how to communicate clearly and showing me the significance of this clarity for a long-term association. We met Purushartha from Aristos Labs, and in a matter of a few hours, he brilliantly illustrated, point for point, possible pitfalls in the association we were about to embark on. Due to his inputs my partner and I share a much better and more creative relationship. DJ Pundits is strong and getting stronger, much faster than we imagined, and I'm very sure we avoided a huge future failure, by following at the right time the directives designed by Aristos Labs.

  • After meeting Purushartha, I got to know that, given a proper structure, I can actually sell my talent, in a coherent way. I have now found the path on which I can move to success, and I can say that Aristos Labs tailored this algorithm of success, for me. I have clarity in my dream and actionable items to work on. I look forward to the exciting journey from ideation to execution, and to my first MVP. I am really grateful to Purushartha for his hands on approach, and for taking so much personal time for me.

  • I was very sure that I want to start something in food, but I had no idea where to begin. The thought process that my husband Abhishek and I were had essential and basic flaws in it. This would have taken months to realize and maybe years to correct. But an evening of talks with Purushartha gave us the actionable approach to take this to execution and MVP in a very smooth way. Also, Purushartha’s insights into the operations, marketing and promotion and the food industry were amazing. It was a fantastic experience.


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